VideoTAPEMUSIC x CKB, unrequited love x Mitamura tube? × Kakubarism 20th anniversary performance (music Natalie) that Kazumi Nikaido was enthusiastic

The second anniversary event “Kakubarhythm 20years Anniversary Special” was held on August 27 and the third was held on the 28th at Yomiuri Land Amusement Park Nippon Teleran Hall on the 28th. [Image] Crazy Ken Band (photographed: Tatsuya Hirota) (79 other) “Kakubarhythm 20years Anniversary Special” was planned to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the label. “VideoTapemusic presents” palm “on the first day is held as a two -man live of VideoTapemusic and Crazy Ken Band, which is close to each other through participation in each other’s works and live co -starring, and” Kimiki PRESENTS “Ichimiki Indalanted” on the second day. “” Is based on unrequited love, Mitamura Tube? , Kazumi Nikaido gathered. In this article, we will report the two performances. ■ Day1: VideoTapemusic Presents Yohei Hasegawa, who served as a “palm” DJ, made the floor rising at the venue, and the familiar SE sounded in the venue, and the red light aimed at the stage. Crazy Ken Band appears. The song “Palm”, which is also the event title of this day, is dashingly ignited. If you think that the second song “Towel” created a refreshing summer atmosphere, the CKB is a high -humidity sound with a popular song molam in the northeastern Thailand in the following “tram”. With a skillful performance, the air in the hall will be controlled brilliantly from the beginning. In MC, Ken Yokoyama (Vo) looks back on interaction with Kakubarism artists such as VideoTapemusic and CERO, and blesss the label’s 20th anniversary, saying, “I can’t sleep with Kakubarism President Kakubari.” He performed a new song “Dubai” and “The Roots” from the new album, saying, “It’s the first time to play in public.” The special song selection made the audience greatly delighted. When the performance of the representative song “Tiger & Dragon” starts with the crying guitar played by Masao Onose (G), the voltage in the hall is at the peak. In the hot -whirlpool -shaped hall, Yokoyama’s passionate energy singing resounded. At Walker Hills Bogaroo, set in a casino in Seoul, Korea, Tora Shingu (G, Key) shows a fluent narration in Hangul at the end of the song and invites the audience. After performing the cover of the sugar babe “Down Town”, CKB was a “chaos dish” that the members’ comical steps were fun with the MC in Yokoyama, “Let’s go to Asia again by music”. We will deliver songs with Asian flavors, such as “Susie Won Won,”. Finally, from Yokoyama’s “I would like to deliver this song instead of a dessert”, Smoky Tetsuni (Vo, CHO) and Aisha (CHO) are Roberta Flac & Danny Hathaway’s “WHERE IS THE LOVE”. Cover with duet. CKB left the stage with a cool atmosphere. The second Videotapemusic, with support members such as Emerson Kitamura (Key), Yuichi Shioda (G), Izumi Matsui (PERC), and MMM (Flute), sandwiched the DJs of Hasegawa, mainly based on the exerful sound source of “overseas goods”. Appeared on the stage. When the opening number “August Mood” is played, a collage of seaside landscapes is projected behind the stage, and the nostalgic atmosphere spreads in the hall. VideoTapemusic played a relaxed summer tune in the early stages, such as a floating “palm garden” and “Speak Low”, which made the light cloudy mood as a song, and filled the venue in a comfortable atmosphere. The tension of the audience is gradually increasing when a beating danceable song, such as “FUNNY MEAL”, which is studded with the sound of cooking around the world, and “Cocktail Moon”, featuring MMM vocals, is delivered. Continuing to be performed by DUB MASTER X & Pianica Maeda Maeda “Tokyo Wolf Girl” “Tokyo Wolf Girl -TOKYO LUV STORY”. Talkbox player Ryu Tsuruoka participated in the performance, and the mellow tone was mellow and addicted to the music. When the floor is exciting with the passionate latentune “KUNG-FU MAMBO”, VideoTAPEMUSIC triggered this song to the audience that the CKB Ken Yokoyama was aired on his own radio program. Explained and invited Yokoyama to the stage as a second guest. Yokoyama appeared while saying, “I’m excited only with my favorite songs,” and sang the song “Nankoku Denki” by VideoTapemusic, who provided her lyrics. The venue was greatly boiled with a sexy singing voice. After the refreshing Loverer’s rock -like “FICTION ROMANCE” and “Summer We Know”, which listened to the gentle vocals, VideoTapemusic finally performed “Night Voice” and “Chimney”. The painful sound and the images of the launch fireworks were synchronized, and at the end of the summer, it created an exquisite feeling of loneliness. VideoTapemusic, who appeared on the stage at the encore, told the audience, “I want to play a cheerful song,” and played “Devil of the Villion”. Shake the floor with a dynamic jungle beat. Finally, we invited Yokoyama again and sessions the CKB number “Nankoku Train”, which VideoTapemusic worked on remixing. The first day performance ended in a lively atmosphere. ■ DAY2: Unrequited love presents “Kagami Indaland” on the second day of “Kagami Indaland” is the Mita Village Bureau at the time of opening? The people of the funfare rang at the entrance of the Nippon Television Lanran Hall and the fanfare sounded. In the hall, MOODMAN, who served as a DJ during closing during the opening and conversion, produced a relaxed mood with a variety of songs, greeting the audience who gathered at the venue. After about one hour of DJ play by MOODMAN, when it reaches on time, is it from the side of the second floor of the hall? Appears. They broke the grand performance suitable for the opening while walking to the first floor where the stage was located, and grabbed the audience’s heart. And when Kazumi Nikaido, the first set of live act, appears on the 코인카지노 stage, a big applause comes from the audience. Is she the Mita Village Tube Company? With the performance in the background, he overwhelmed the audience with a passionate vocal with “Woman is hard.” Here is the Mita Village Tube Company? Once out, MC.SIRAFU (G, Key, TP) and Ashiko Banse (B, CHO) appeared as a support member of Nikaido. Nikaido performed the theme song “Memory of Life” of the movie “Kaguya Hime’s Story” and “Gyu -Hakase” provided on the NHK E -Tele “Mom”. At the end, he sang “Walking with you” lightly and dyed the inside of the hall in a refreshing air. What appeared on the stage was the Mita Village Tube Company, which is the first live in Tokyo in about 10 years? 。 They first made their improvised sounds and attracted the attention of the audience, and at the “Azaburanca”, the sounds unique to the large band were echoed at the venue. In MC, SEIZO (TB) is the Mita Village Tube Company? While explaining that the leader, Ali Morimoto (TP), is absent, he said, “It may not be as usual, but I would like to do it with momentum. Thank you!” “Alborada”, which has an impressive song development that increases the power, has been delivered. In the latter half of the live, Nikaido joined, Nikaido and Mita Village Tube? Enter the stage of the unit, 2×3 (Nikakesan). Mita Village Tube Company? “I want a kiss” cover of Brother Hood of Man “Save Your Kisses for Me”, which also participates in singing, and Nikaido says, “Society”, which is made with love for Kakubarism’s president, Kakubari Wataru.・ The cover of King Call’s famous song “L-O-V-E” was shown. While the inside of the hall is wrapped in happy air, Mitamura tube? Returning to the original formation, he delivered the stage after delivering the “Kinjiro”, which has been performing at the end of the live performance for 20 years since its formation. Since ISSY (Key, CHO) and Rimi Endo (SAX, CHO) are absent from the tricks of the bird on this day, Takashi Nomura (KEY / Good Luck Heiwa) and Sato -kun (Sax / Hei Tanaka) are welcomed by support members. Appears. In the first song, the venue was fluttering with the intro of the killer tune “Party Kills Me (killed by a party!)”, And unrequited love delivered a breathtaking ensemble and shaked the audience’s body. Shin Kataoka (Vo, Sanshin) thanked the fans who gathered at the venue, and said, “I will do my best not to be a bonus because Nika -san, Mita Village Tubei Company? ) When you say hello, you will play an energetic and genre -based musicality, such as “DAILY DISCO” and “Calamal Union”, to give energy and genre -less musicality. After that, the unpublished new song “Uta with butter” and “R.I.P.” continued to show off the audience. At the end of the live, Orari (Vo) sung by Orari (Vo), the phrase “I don’t know why I’m crying” is impressive, “Reason for dancing”, the members and the audience shake the towels together. A certain stage was played, “It would be inevitable to swing the stick cuts.” This is the end of the stage as a unrequited love. Kataoka is the Mita Village Tube Company? Called in, from here on a unrequited love and Mita village tube? Unit, both thoughts! The performance will be performed. Then, ISSY, dressed as Morimoto, suddenly appears, and a skit to drive her support members Nomura from the keyboard. After a humorous production, both thoughts! Will be performed in a “tube”, which creates an emotional air, and continues to show “Steel Beat”, where the unrequited and unrequited wraps are shown in a colorful sound. In the following medium tune “All”, Mc.sirafu said in the song, “I think it was a very good event with all the performers helped each other. I would like to come, so I would like to thank you in the future. ” Finally, Nikaido and Nomura joined two songs, “Kinjiro” and “Timeful time”, as “both thoughts! 。 Kakvarism is a new performance of the 20th anniversary event “Kakubarhythm 20years Anniversary Special”, Miyagi RENSA on October 30, Osaka Namba Hatch on November 5, Aichi Diamond Hall on the 6th, Tachikawa, Tokyo on the 23rd. Held live events at four stage gardens. Until 23:59 on September 8, Eplus is accepting ticket reservations for each performance. ■ KAKUBARHYTHM 20years special Vol.02 VIDEOTAPEMUSIC presents “棕櫚” 2022年8月27日 よみうりランド遊園地 日テレらんらんホール セットリスト □ クレイジーケンバンド 01. 棕櫚 02. タオル 03. 路面電車 04. ドバイ 05. The Roots 06. Let’s GO CKB -Tiger & Dragon 07. Walker Hills Bogaroo 08. Down Town 09. Chaotic Cooking 10. The World of Susie Won Funny Meal 05. Cocktail Moon 06. Tokyo Wolf Girls -TOKYO LUV STORY FEAT. Ryu Tsuruoka 07. Kung -Fu Mambo 08. Tropical Eagen FEAT. Ken Yokoyama 09. Fiction Romance 10. Summer We Know 11. Voice of night < Angkor> 12. Devil of the jungle 13. Nankoku train ■ Kakubarhythm 20years Special vol.03 Unrequited love Presents “Kingle Indaland” August 28, 2022 Yomiuri Land Amusement Park Nippon Television Hall Set list 01. Ojara2 * Opening Fanfare 02. High Life Him ※ Main Opening □ Kazumi Nikaido 01. Woman is hard (W / Mita Village Tube Corps?) 02. Memory of life 03. THE STREET 05. Walk with you □ Mita Village Tube Corps? 01. Azbranka 02. Alborada 03. I want a kiss (2 × 3) 04. Sermon section (2 × 3) 05. L-O-V-E (2 x 3) 06. Kinenjiro □ Unrequited love 01. PARTY KILLS ME (killed by a party!) 02. DALY DISCO 03. Karamaru Union 04. Uta with butter 05. R.I.P. 06. Hello from Hikari 07. Tokyo Fairwell 08. Reason for dancing 09. □ Both thoughts! 01. Tristeza de carnaval 03. Steel Beat 04. All 05. Kinenjiro (both thoughts! × 2 × 3) 06. × 3)

The weather was good today. I had lunch and took my bag. I lying on the lawn to enjoy the thought. First of all, I went to the quick board to Alexander III, and the weather was too hot. Black leggings were mistakes. It seemed to absorb all the sunlight. Eventually, the Eiffel Tower was sitting in the shade where I could see it. I sweated. I just lying in that shadow in front of my eyes, but I was a little more energy and went to the Grand Palace. There were a lot of people and many police officers about what the event was 우리카지노 doing.

I turned around and headed to Angvalid. I went to the casino and picked up one Heineken and a Haribo banana next to the counter. I greeted with Binggrae with Mr. Paint Chil. I wanted to sit my body quickly in the shade. There was a couple where I steamed. I sat with a mat next to it. After a long time, I had a cold beer with the future and katok. Haribo bananas were different from their thoughts.

Suddenly a black uncle appeared somewhere. When I looked at it, I asked which country it was. When I was a Korean, I sat next to me, saying why I came to France. I was embarrassed, but I had a simple conversation, and I asked if you were a French or how old you are. His name is Lasana. He is a 28 -year -old French. I wanted to have a black friend in the past, but it wasn’t the black man I wanted. It was just a black uncle. Still, he was very kind.

I asked me this, and I waited hard until I answered. As I met Alex, I felt the limit of French. I wanted to say I’m going to the flea market every Sunday, but I don’t know what the flea market is in French. Still, he said that he had to go home at 4 o’clock after a bit of fun. When I asked me my cell phone number, I told you to let you know your number. Eventually, he gave me a number, and he called me and even checked the number that had been caught.

He said goodbye after saying that he would meet next week and said he would contact me because I didn’t know what would happen to be a beauty salon. You should know if you have approached with pure intentions or other woven. It was not bad though. Until now, the sky, which was shining on the sun, was gradually blurred, and now the thunder is thundered in the dry sky. I quickly packed my luggage and headed home. In the end, however, showers poured out, and almost all of them were raining.

It was very hot because it was hot, rainy and sweating in a hurry. As soon as I came home, I took a shower, but in the bathtub, I squeezed my ass. Have you been drunk after drinking 500ml of beer? Anyway, after washing, I felt refreshed. Talking to the future about the story of the black uncle and the quarrel that he had told me, Kevin came and exchanged katok with his boyfriend after finishing his mission. Yesterday and today I came to think about breaking up with him again, but I don’t think it is bad. As I am, you will love each other as you.

It is a pity that I couldn’t enjoy my own thoughts because of Lasana. In the evening, I ate ramen simply, and I went to the Palsa Cafe to study words and saw the warholer’s lightning proposal in Paris. Thanks to this, I met my 30 -year -old Kim Ji -hye’s sister near Montmartre’s hill at 8 pm tomorrow. I needed a life senior, but it was good. I wonder who it is. I should tell my grandfather to remove the day’s mission tomorrow night.

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