[Judith Cusel] “Return to unity with all the creatures” 2022.4.15

Return to unity and unity with all creations

April 15, 2022

Judith Kusel: Returning to Unity and OneNess with All Creation

We are now stepping into the unified consciousness after all separation.

I have noticed strongly in the last few days, animals, birds, mother earth, and ancient people need to work together and go to work for energy. That showing us the road to a place.

Next was Zebra. One day, when we couldn’t find the Stone Circle, they taught us. Until we returned from the detour and saw it, they did not move for one inch and were patient, but when we found a stone circle, they all ran.

This experience has made it possible to download a multidimensional view of what we need to see and pay attention.

Next, the elephant that was watching us came. They have the power and wisdom of the motherhood sacred women and are always walking on the old elephant path to keep the energy line open.

Kirin, who works in the third eye, acts as a messenger to see more of our inner.

The rock is a living thing that certainly holds the earth’s record and records everything. We have discovered that the cock and the mountains acted as guardians, have always followed the energy line and keep them intact.

All living water holds it together, and the water on the outer Earth reflects that of the inner Earth. As above, the bottom is also the same.

I will be more humble as these are revealed to me.

We hardly know these things because we were lost and blind.

Now, we have finally met again and returned to the coincidence and unity with all the creatures.

In the last few days, in the intense heat that I had to be satisfied with, when I was standing in a beautiful and calm place along the river and looking at the elephant on the other side, my beloved galaxy spaceship was us. It was the best moment today that I could see it appearing on top.

They have been with us all the time, today it was clear, and it was the first time that we looked like this for a long time.

The new Earth’s energy grid has been fully activated, huge energy has been released on the earth, all rising in the new golden age.

Everything is one.

Unity (unity),

sense of unity.

Everything was created with love and love.

Everything is one.

Just gratitude tears.

We are back to the galaxy 카지노사이트 -based song. In fact, we belong there.

Everything is one.

Judith Cusel



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