Arrested online casinos in Nagano City (ABN Nagano Asahi Broadcasting)

Police arrested a 33 -year -old man on suspicion of an addictive gambling that operated an online casino at a store in Nagano City. A man who was betting on money was also arrested. It is a 33 -year -old man who was arrested for suspicion of habitual gambling. 크레이지슬롯 According to the police, the man uses a personal computer installed at a store in Nagano City on the 3rd, and has been suspected of betting money in games such as Baccarat with an unspecified number of bets as a body. 。 A self -proclaimed company employee (33) in Nagano City (33) was arrested for visiting as a customer and actually betting on money. Police have not disclosed whether they have been charged for “hindering future investigations.”

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