“☆ Thinking, tomorrow is 8:30 entrance lottery ☆”

Good evening! J!

☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆

September Slot 9th year

Various thoughts ☆

☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆

☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆

Thursday, September 22nd tomorrow

8:30 entrance lottery

Open at 9:00!

☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆ 〓 ☆

Even the day before entering the three consecutive holidays, the Marine slot is even more fun!

In all units! ! In each unit! ! At our shop of Shindai replacement Week

Please enjoy it with your favorite one (^○^)

・ Flow from the day before (considering it even if it was sick or too good)

・ Relationship with new platform (manufacturer, character, etc.)

・ The most recent trend (weekends and late 8:30 draws in the near future)

・ This platform is calling me (believing in myself and taking care of my intuition)

Find a new stand or a model derived from the soon

The rest is just driven! Furthermore, the inside of the store on the day

Check it out and take a flexible turn around! !

You can find it because there is always!

You can enjoy it because there is always!

Up to all 176 slots in the introduction of 6.5 units!

Please experience the joy of finding the fun to find (^o^) /

Pachinko is our signboard model

☆ Neon Genesis Evangelion -Roar to the Future-

☆ Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

240 pachinko 4 yen pachinko & 1 yen pachinko 150 units centered on

We will welcome customers with 390 units (^o^) /

On Sunday the other day, the ball box is narrowed from the corner 크레이지슬롯 to the middle passage

The situation is still a new sight in memory!

I’m convinced to see! It’s fun to play!

Please enjoy it tomorrow with Marine’s pachinko ♪

Speaking of a new stand, Marine!

★ ☆ ★ Slot latest model ★ ☆ ★

Pachislot BOOWY (D-Light)

Today is the second day of replacing the new stand!

The latest model pachislot BOOWY is in the form of rough waves

Almost one blow, almost one blow, a deadlock, a remedy removal platform

It appears brilliantly and looks into the scale of God (・ ∀ ・)

If the situation overlaps, this may not be a dream.

Furthermore, the slot is rough because it is Wednesday

I enjoyed it! Reactive platform, platform that did not do,

Plus finished with buried platform, few driving

Focusing on variety corners, such as leaving it as it is

There were various developments today! (^^)!

Click here for data check ↓

Papimo & Site Seven

If you don’t want to hit a pachinko, if you are in trouble

The theme this time is about how to earn with the expected value plus.

The expected value is usually only black jack.

As an exception, if you are a casino coupon or a BET coupon that you can get at a hotel, you can easily earn a few thousand yen if you bet on a bunker or player at the same time with two companions. Depending on the casino, the play will be free for one meal, so it is an effective method when you do not want to lose, there is no time, when the BJ table is not empty, or when you are hungry.

The rules of the casino black jack that I often go to is 8deck (8 groups of Trump), which is not running shuffle (if my parents have an ace, insulating is possible, but my parents open (show black jack). ), Dobule Any 2 Cards (You can double down with any of the 2 -discs. If it is a strict rule, you can only double it in 9, 10, 11. The opponent is 4, 5, 6 with software such as A6 and A7. If you double it, it would be better to double), Dealer Stands on Soft17 (if it is a severe rule, your parents will hit with A6 or the like), Double After SplitALLWED (Split with 8, 8, etc., 3 or 2 will give you 3 or 2. It is advantageous because it is often better to double it.), Dealer Peeks (US Style) (This is the first if the dealer has a picture card or A, and if it is a US rule, the customer will be distributed first, and whether it is a BJ or not. You can double after you understand, but if you are in Europeans, only one piece is distributed, and after the customer is double, the remaining one is distributed, and if it is a black jack, you can get all the doubles, such as US, so US is advantageous).

It is the rule. With this, it seems that the expected value is 0.39 % when the Basic Strategy continues. I think this is about the same as the Macau rules, but all Macau runs (so put the used cards immediately in the machine and shuffle, so every time the card is used in the previous game, the condition of the card other than that. It is converted, there is no bias than the used card before it, and the expected value does not fluctuate much.

The European casinos have been quite stricter, but the rules are more difficult overall, such as Las Vegas and South Korea (South Korea’s running shuffle machines have increased). There are many running shuffle machines. Australia is also a running shuffle with no salendar and rules. Singapore, Macau, luxury cruise ships, etc. are only running shuffle machines.

The expected value of 0.39 % is about 10,000 yen if you bet 10,000 each time and do 250 times. If it is 30 times in 1 hour, it will be over 8 hours, so you may get about 5,000 to 10,000 yen in mileage, but it is usually in the red considering travel expenses, accommodation expenses, and food expenses.

The main count is the Hi-Low count. The best hand in the combination of all the counts and all the opponent’s hand and your hand is mathematically analyzed.

In order to secure seats, you will enter the game from the shuffle (halfway) from the shuffle, but at this time there is no information, so you will play a game with BASIC STRATEGY. Basic strategy is the best hand with a count (unbalanced). There is a possibility that there is already a bias, but if there is no information, it will be played assuming a state of zero. Naturally, do not overdo it with a minimal (minimum) bed. It is counted in the middle of the reference, but it will not be referred to if there is no bias.

Next, when the shuffle is performed, it is called a running count from the beginning and counts continuously. The real count is divided by the number of decks that are not used. As the real count increases to plus 1, plus 2, plus 3, plus 4, plus 5 (although there is also the opposite negative), increase the premium.

Running counts are easy to add and subtract, but there is a risk of forgetting the numbers, so there is a way to record easily without forgetting them. And there is an action method when the count is bad. If the negative count is 10 or a small picture card, depending on the count, the best hand in all cases, such as hitting even 15, 16, etc., has been analyzed, but if the count is negative, it will not be done. I think it’s better. Keep the place, go to the bathroom without hesitation, and ask people around you to digest the bad shoe. Suck with cigarettes and enter again from the next shuffle. Because it’s a solo play.

I can make a lot of money in my main business and foreign stocks, but earning at a casino is fun and fun, and thrilling.

A good casino has a free meal, and you can get a coupon that can be used once a day in a cheap, clean and safe lodging in a casino buckwheat.

You have to fully understand and remember how to count, how to record, (depending on the rules of the casino), basic strategy, (depending on the casino rule), the best hand with the count. (In Las Vegas, there used to be a casino who used to play with the table of basic strategy in the past.)

There are various English sites about this information. With a 타이산게임 basic strategy engine, etc., the basic strategy comes out as soon as the rules are entered, but the best hand for each count is not available. There is such a bulletin board for the rules for each casino. If you want to know, I will upload it soon.

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